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According to a report
from, the demand for security engineers is up 132%. Additionally, the
need for engineers who specialize in data analytics and machine learning has
increased by 38% and 27%, respectively. Given recent trends in cybersecurity,
it’s no wonder, and demand at Webroot is no exception. To be successful,
our software engineers have to stay ahead of AI and machine learning trends so
they can explore, work, grow, and effectively evolve tech in the cybersecurity

We talked to Alia AlaaElDin Adly, a software engineer based in Linz, Austria. In her role, Alia is constantly looking for new technology, testing platforms, and developing the new solutions to stay ahead of modern threats.  

What is your favorite part of working as a software engineer?

enjoy exploring new technology and frameworks, specially figuring out problems
by hand. Software engineers don’t always receive all the requirements up front,
so we need to develop strategies and work on tasks without having all the
pieces necessary to execute. For example, take the testing framework SpecFlow. We
had to do a lot of research, have numerous brainstorming sessions, and rework
the project outline to create a viable structure that would fit the needs of
our APIs. It’s a fun challenge.

What does a week as a software engineer look like?

It really depends on the task at hand. Some tasks take a day or
two, and others can take quite a bit longer. In planning, most tasks are
designed to be completed in a maximum of two days, but, when you meet an unexpected
obstacle and need to find a workaround, the task needs more time. Also, you
have to factor in how much research or prototyping a task may require. One
thing I can say about working at Webroot is that I am learning a lot. It’s like
a rollercoaster ride: ups and downs, lefts and rights, spirals, and just when
you think you’re done, even more spirals!

What have you learned / what skills have you built in this role?

When I started, I had pretty bad documentation habits. You hear a
lot about the importance of documentation in school, but some lessons don’t
really sink in until you have to face them in a real-world setting. I would say
I still need to work on it, but my documentation has really improved! I am also
getting better at having a proper project structure, and I’m really enjoying
all the new tools and technologies I get to learn, like the Specflow framework
and Xamarin forms.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your career at Webroot so

I work on the Unity API team based in Linz, Austria. The Webroot® Unity
API is a platform that enables admins to dig deeper into the services and
information Webroot offers. It’s a really useful tool for a lot of our
customers, and I helped build out a automation testing framework to create
smoke and regression tests for the API. Also, I managed and organized the
end-of-year spotlight video that showcased what our team had accomplished.

What brought you to Webroot after your last job?

I was already in Austria completing my masters when I applied for
the job. During the interview process, I liked how Webroot felt like a family.
Everyone was so friendly and welcoming the day I started. Instead of making me
feel like a nervous newcomer, they brought me in and helped me feel involved
and important right away. And it has stayed that way.

Best career advice you’ve received?

To always be flexible and not limit yourself. You have to be
curious not only about the world around you, but what you can do in it. If you keep
your options open, you’re more likely to discover new strengths, and new (and exciting!)
challenges to overcome.

What is your favorite thing to do in Linz?

I enjoy walking around in the city center and along the Danube
River. I also like to go cycling, climbing, and running. During spring and
summer, I usually bike to work and I like going to the lake to play beach
racket. Of course, I love traveling and visiting new cities and countries! I
feel very lucky that Webroot’s Linz office is in such a good location, which
makes quick day trips and weekend travel really easy.

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