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Latest Windows 10 Update Removes User Files

Microsoft recently pulled its latest update, version 1809, after several users complained about personal files being deleted. While some users were able to use third-party software to retrieve deleted files, users whose files wnet missing from the Documents folder are having a much trickier time without restoring from backups. Since hearing of the issue, Microsoft has paused the automatic update until they can find a resolution.

Magecart Campaign Continues Its Spread

Following the attacks on British Airways and Ticketmaster, Magecart skimmer techniques have been discovered on Shopper Approved, a collective of several online stores. Fortunately, the company was able to identify the altered JavaScript code and contact affected vendors. The malicious code itself was targeted at the checkout pages for the affected stores with specific URL keywords, leaving the remainder of the thousands of online retailers unaware anything had occurred.

Vulnerabilities Found in Millions of Chinese Electronics

A new wave of vulnerabilities has been spotted in nearly 9 million devices made by Chinese-based Xiongmai, leaving them susceptible to attack. Serious issues include default admin passwords without a prompt to immediately change it, no encryption when connecting to their cloud servers, and a lack of authorization checks when searching for updates. Many of these devices were known to be compromised during the Mirai botnet attacks, though the access points used for that have since been patched.

FCC To Block Illegal Spam Calls

Most people have received at least one unwelcome call on their mobile phone from a robotic auto-dialer. Now the attorneys general from 35 states are coming together in hopes the FCC can do something about those annoying calls. These types of spam calls seem to have increased in volume in recent years, even after the 2017 Call Blocking Order aimed at stopping them,  forcing customers to block calls themselves. With an estimated 40 billion robocalls this year alone, it’s no surprise so many states are interested in putting a stop to this nuisance.

Google+ Goes Out on Low Note

After constantly struggling with low adoption, Google’s response to more popular social media platforms like Facebook has officially reached its end of its life. Several months ago an API bug was spotted that allowed unauthorized access to thousands of Google+ user accounts. The bug was patched but remained undisclosed until recently. With new GDPR regulations on breach disclosure, even the possibility of low volumes of affected clients could still be trouble for Google.

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