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TFlower Ransomware Exploiting RDP 

attacks seem to be earning larger payouts by focusing on
big businesses and governments, and a new variant dubbed TFlower might be no exception. TFlower has been proliferating by hacking
into compromised networks through various remote desktop services. Attackers can reportedly execute the
malware and begin encrypting most file types and removing all local backups. It is still
unclear how much the demanded ransom is, but researchers have
found that TFlower doesn’t append the encrypted files’

Ransomware is evolving. Click here to learn more on the threat.

Lion Airline Data

More than 30
million customer records belonging to two Lion Air-owned
companies Malindo Air and Thai Lion Air were found in a publicly accessible database and
later on several underground forums earlier this month. Among the
available data are names, birthdates, and passport
information, all of which could easily be used to commit identity fraud. While
the data was available for nearly a month, it is still unclear how many individuals may have
obtained copies of the data. 

White Hat Hackers Expose
Webcam Security Flaws 

Over 15,000
unique webcams from several different
manufacturers have been found to be using default security settings while connected to
the internet. Many of the compromised devices have been identified
in the U.S., Europe, and
Southeast Asia. This recent discovery should prompt manufacturers
to implement additional security settings and require users to set their own

Medical Patient
Images and Data Unprotected 

In a recent research study of 2,300 healthcare systems, nearly
25 percent were
publicly accessible on the internet, containing a total of 24.3 million patient healthcare records
from at least 52 countries. Over 400 million medical images were available for
access or download through a system that allows medical workers to share
patient documents. These systems date back to the 1980s and need to be brought
up to current security standards, as the current system has virtually none.  

Ecuadorian Data
Analytics Breach 

Ecuadorian data analysis firm, Novaestrat, is under investigation after it was
discovered that the company left personally identifiable information for nearly
every Ecuadorian citizen exposed in an unsecured database. Records for
2.5 million car owners and nearly 7.5 million financial and banking
transactions were included in the records.
Immediately upon the revelation of the breach, Ecuadorian government officials
arrested the CEO for possessing the data illicitly.   

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