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Colorado Town Suffers Ransomware Attack

The town of Lafayette,
, fell victim to a ransomware
attack last week without the capability to recover from the attack without
paying a ransom of $45,000 in cryptocurrency. The attack disabled many city
services for a number of days until officials determined they would not be able
to recover without paying for systems to be decrypted. This attack was another
example of how having data backed up, even if somewhat dated, is less expensive
and more secure in the long run.

Illinois Healthcare Data Breach

The Illinois
healthcare system
suffered a multi-month data breach stemming from several compromised
email accounts earlier this year. The breach does not affect all IHS clients, but
those who were affected had much of their sensitive information, including
social security numbers and personal health documents, leaked. The breach began
in early February, but victims were not informed until the end of July, when
they were offered credit and identity monitoring services to protect against
illicit use of their data.

Cyberattack Strikes InfoSec Training Organization

One of the largest cybersecurity
training organizations
was recently targeted by a phishing attack against an
internal email account. The compromised account was then used to install an
illicit Office365 add-on to maintain control of the account and to forward over
500 emails to a third-party account, many of which contained sensitive
information on customers. Affected customers have been contacted and warned to
be vigilant against future phishing attacks.

Pace Center Data Compromised Following Blackbaud Breach

Some donor data for the Florida-based non-profit Pace
Center for Girls
was leaked after a data breach targeted its software
provider, Blackbaud, in May. The breach affected over 200 organizations relying
on Blackbaud for cloud-computing services and contained personally identifiable
information on thousands of donors. Fortunately, no payment card data was
included in the breach and the Pace organization has begun improving security
protocols to avoid further attacks. ­­

Payment Card Data Stolen from MSU Website

At least 2,600 individuals were possibly affected by a
payment card leak after the Michigan
State University
online shop was infiltrated through a known website
vulnerability. The attack used a card-skimming technique and remained active on
the site for nearly a year, leaving many customer’s data vulnerable to other
possible attacks. This would be the second cybersecurity-related incident to
target MSU in the last year. In May, the university was hit with a ransomware
attack that resulted in the publishing of stolen data.

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