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Texas Town Brought to a Halt by Ransomware

Several days ago the town of Del
Rio, Texas
, fell victim to a ransomware attack that knocked most of
the town’s major systems offline. While the town’s IT department quickly worked
to isolate the infection, remaining departments were forced to switch to
hand-written transactions in order to not completely shut down. Fortunately,
the attack was quickly resolved and all city websites returned to normal within
only a couple of days.

Data Vulnerability Affects Booking Systems for 141 Airlines

Researchers recently discovered a vulnerability affecting
the Amadeus
ticket booking system
, which is used by more than a hundred international
airlines. By making simple changes to a provided URL link, researchers were
able to access passenger records and view related flight information. They were
also able to access an Israeli airline’s user portal and make changes to the
user account, and even change or cancel flight reservations.

Ryuk Ransomware Surpasses $4 Million in Ransom Payments

The ransomware variant known as Ryuk
has pulled in nearly $4 million in Bitcoin payments alone since last August. By
remaining dormant on previously infected systems, Ryuk can stay hidden for
months or even years while its operators build an understanding of the system.
In doing so, the attackers are able to command much higher ransom payments by
focusing on victims with the means to pay a larger sum.

Account Vulnerability Plaguing Fortnite Players

A new vulnerability has been found pertaining to user
accounts for Fortnite
that could allow attackers to take full control of an account. By intercepting game-specific
authentication tokens, attackers could access a user’s payment card details and
use them to purchase in-game currency, or even gain access to a victim’s
in-game conversations. Fortunately, Epic Games reacted swiftly to the announced
exploits and quickly resolved the security flaws.

Advertising Hack Pushes Malware on Online Shoppers

The latest MageCart attack has compromised the entire
distribution network for Adverline,
a French advertising company that conducts a substantial amount of business in
Europe. By injecting a malicious JavaScript code into dozens of online stores,
the attack has been used to steal payment data from at least 277 unique
websites thus far. By starting the attack at the top of the distribution chain,
these types of attacks have an increased chance of success as the number of
victims rises.

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