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Ransomware Targets Louisiana School Districts

At least four school districts in Louisiana
fell victim to a series of ransomware attacks in recent weeks, forcing the governor
to issue a state of emergency to allow federal agencies to assist local
governments during these situations. The IT systems for each of these school
districts were taken offline to stop the further spread of the infection. The
severity of the infections varies from district to district.

Sephora’s APAC Customers Exposed

Customers from the Asia Pacific region were recently
contacted by Sephora
after the discovery of unauthorized access to a database containing sensitive
personal information belonging to an undetermined number of users. The company
has assured affected victims that no payment card information was included in
the stolen data.

CapitalOne Bank Hacked

A former Amazon employee was recently arrested in connection
with the breach of over 106 million CapitalOne
bank customers. By using a vulnerability in the bank’s firewall the attacker
was able to access not only personal data, but also bank account numbers and
social security information. It also appears that, during the hack, the
attacker attempted to gain the credentials for an administrator account in
order to gain additional access to internal systems. Luckily for law
enforcement, the attacker was brazen enough to make several social media posts regarding
the breach, ultimately leading to her capture.

Honda Database Left Exposed to Public

Sensitive data for nearly 300,000 Honda
employees was found in an unsecured database that was publicly available for
almost a week and that was still being updated. The database was found to
contain internal information on hundreds of networked computers and the
employees using them. The researcher who discovered the vulnerability quickly
contacted Honda, who in turn properly secured the database.

Officer Data Stolen in LAPD Data Breach

Hackers claim that they have sensitive data on 2,500 LAPD
and over 17,000 potential applicants after a breach of the department’s
network. After learning of the theft, the LAPD began contacting the affected
officers and recommending they monitor their financials, though it made no
mention of offering credit monitoring services.

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