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BEC Scam Takes Millions from Nikkei America

Officials for Nikkei
are working to identify the perpetrators of a recent business email compromise
(BEC) scam that took roughly $29 million from the company’s American
subsidiary. The illicit transfer took place sometime during the end of
September and, though they did make a public statement last week, the only
clues they have are the Hong Kong bank account that the funds were sent to.
While this is not the largest scam of this type to occur this year, it does serve
to underscore the prevalence and continued success of these attacks.

Canadian Province Shuts Down After Ransomware Attack

Government networks for the Nunavut
territory of Canada have been taken offline following a ransomware attack that
appears to have been executed by an unwitting employee. Fortunately, even
thought their security systems failed to block the infection, the affected
offices keep regular backups to safeguard against this type of issue. However,
even with these failsafe measures, it may still take about a week to get all of
the official systems back to full operation.

Facebook API Allows Unauthorized Access to User Accounts

Several developer apps have been found retaining user info
and photos from Groups for much longer than previously anticipated by Facebook.
This is, by no means, the first time in recent years that Facebook has fallen
under scrutiny; it comes nearly a year after the Cambridge Analytica findings, not
to mention the more recent news about the company removing thousands of apps
that had been misusing customer data. While the social media giant has made a
number of changes to stop these types of data leaks, they clearly still have a
lot more work to do to ensure their clients’ data is safe.

Indian Education Firm Data Leak

A database belonging to an Indian
tech firm may have exposed sensitive information for over 600,000 customers.
Even more alarming than the high number of victims is that this leak seems to
have begun back in July of this year, begging the question as to why it took so
long for the firm to make an official announcement. Due to the sheer volume of
exposed data, the company has already started contacting affected customers in
hopes of preventing any further misuse of their information.

MegaCortex Ransomware Demos New Tactics

The latest variant of MegaCortex
has brought with it a plethora of new features and functionality. While it does
still perform RSA encryption on nearly every file on the machine, it now also
has the ability to change the main system password, making it very difficult
for the victim to access their own system at all. In addition to the typical
ransom note that demands quick crypto-based payment, this variant also
threatens victims in lurid detail as to how their encrypted files will be
published to the masses.

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