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Massive Data Breach at Georgia Tech

It was recently revealed that the personal information on
over 1.3
million people
was illicitly accessed by hackers who breached
Georgia Tech systems in December of last year. The breach is the second of the
year for the university, and was only discovered after IT staff noted
performance issues on a widely used web application that interacts with a major
database for both students and staff. 

Restaurant Firm Admits to Data Breach

, the parent firm of several popular restaurants around
the country, recently announced they had fallen victim to a point-of-sale
breach at multiple restaurant locations over the last 10 months. At least 100
restaurants, including all locations of the Italian chain Buca di Beppo, have
begun working on restoring their systems and contacting affected customers.
Nearly 2.1 million payment card accounts have been found in a dark web
marketplace that were posted just a month before the company made its discovery.

Toyota Confirms Sales Data Breach

Personal information for over 3.1
million individuals
may have been compromised before officials found
signs of unauthorized activity on an internal network used in multiple sales
subsidiaries of Toyota and Lexus. While the company’s dealerships continue to
provide service and parts to customers, this specific breach comes only a month
after another cyber attack that impacted Toyota dealerships in Australia,
leaving many customers worried about the safety of their data.

GPS Watches Display PWNED! Message

Nearly a year after researchers contacted the watch maker Vidimensio
about multiple vulnerabilities in their GPS watches, a new message has appeared
on watch maps. The phrase “PWNED!” has been seen on at least 20 different watch
models as a message alerting the company to their poor security infrastructure,
as end-users are susceptible to being tracked through their watches. More
alarmingly, many of the devices were found to have this vulnerability after
Germany passed a law banning smart-watches for children that were capable of
remote-listening after it was found they often ran on unpatched firmware.

Ransomware Strikes Albany, NY

The city of Albany,
New York
has been working to restore normal operations after a
ransomware attack took down several key components of its systems. Aside from a
few document-specific requests, however, the vast majority of the functionality
was left undisturbed throughout the attack and recovery process. According to
officials, all public safety services remained fully operational and had staff
working around the clock to continue to provide assistance or direct
individuals to a working facility.

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