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Magecart Attacks See Spike in Automation

The latest attack in the long string of Magecart
has apparently affected over 900 e-commerce sites in under 24
hours. This increase over the previous attack, which affected 700 sites, suggests
that its authors are working on improving the automation of these information-stealing
attacks. The results of these types of attacks can be seen in the latest major
fines being issued under GDPR, including one to Marriott for $123 million and
another to British Airways for a whopping $230.5 million.

Agent Smith Android Malvertiser Spotted

Researchers have been tracking the resurgence of an Android-based
malware campaign
that disguises itself as any number of legitimate
applications to deliver spam advertisements. After being installed from a
third-party app store, the malware checks both a hardcoded list and the command-and-control
server for available apps to swap out for malicious copies, without alerting
the device owner. The majority of targeted devices have been located in southwestern
Asia, with other attacks showing up in both Europe and North America.

Third Florida City Faces Ransomware Attack

Almost exactly one month after the ransomware
on Lake City, Florida, a third Florida city is being faced a hefty
Bitcoin ransom to restore their systems after discovering a variant of the Ryuk
ransomware. Similar to the prior two attacks, this one began with an employee
opening a malicious link from an email, allowing the malware to spread through connected
systems. It is still unclear if the city will follow the others and pay the ransom.

British Airways Receives Record GDPR Fine

Following a data breach last year that affected over 500,000
customers, British Airways has been hit with a total fine amount of $230.5
. The amount is being seen as a warning to other companies regarding
the severity of not keeping customer data safe, though it’s still much less
than the maximum fine amount of up to 4% of the company’s annual turnover.

Georgia Court System Narrowly Avoids Ransomware Attack

Thanks to the quick work of the IT team from Georgia’s
Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)
, a ransomware attack that hit
their systems was swiftly isolated, leading to minimal damage. Even more
fortunate for the AOC, the only server that was affected was an applications
server used by some courts but which shouldn’t disrupt normal court
proceedings. Just days after the initial attack, the IT teams (aided by
multiple law enforcement agencies) were already in the process of returning to
normal operations without paying a ransom.

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