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Indonesian Magecart Hackers Arrested

At least three individuals were arrested in connection to the
infamous Magecart
information stealing malware. Thanks to the combined efforts of several
international law enforcement agencies, numerous servers issuing commands to
awaiting Magecart scripts have been taken down in both Indonesia and Singapore.
While these are not the only individuals who have profited from the Magecart
code, they are the first to be identified and brought to justice.

German City Suffers Cyberattack

The City of Potsdam,
Germany, is recovering from a cyberattack that took down parts of its administration
systems. Fortunately, the systems were being actively monitored and were
quickly taken offline to prevent data from being removed. It seems, after
further investigation, that the servers were not fully patched with the latest
updates. This could have allowed the attackers to move and execute malware freely.

Job Listings Used to Commit Fraud

A new wave of data theft has hit the job hunting
crowd, making life harder for people looking to be hired. Cybercriminals have
been creating phony sites with job listings for the purpose of absconding with the
information one would normally provide an employer after accepting an offer. Though
these types of scams have been executed in the past, they tend to reappear
occasionally due to their continued success.

UK Court Freezes Bitcoin Wallet

After falling victim to a ransomware
that shut down more than 1,000 computers, a Canadian insurance
company took advantage of their cybersecurity policy to pay out a nearly $1
million ransom. By working with a cyber analysis firm, the company was able to
track their ransom payment through the blockchain to a final wallet, which was then
frozen by the currency exchange to stop further transactions and to identify
the owners of the wallet. Though this may sound positive for the victims, they
may be the target of additional negative repercussions like having their stolen
data published or being attacked again.

South Carolina Water Company Shutdown

The Greenville
service in South Carolina was hit with a cyberattack that took down
all their systems for around the last week. As they continue to restore systems
to proper function, officials have stated that no customer data was accessed,
nor is any payment card data actually stored there. Fortunately, Greenville
Water was able to return to normal functions within a week and informed
customers that late fees would not be issued for payments made during the

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