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DHS Announces Massive Increase in LokiBot Attacks

By monitoring and tracking of cyberattacks over 2020, U.S.
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have uncovered a significant
increase in cyberattacks being carried out by LokiBot,
a malicious info-stealer of stored passwords and cryptocurrency information.
The increase in LokiBot attacks can likely be attributed to its ability to
steal credentials from hundreds of applications, and its range of other features
that make it appealing to a wide variety of cyber criminals.

Long Island Hospital Suffers Data Breach

a third-party vendor for a Long Island hospital, may have exposed sensitive
patient information after it suffered a data breach this summer. In a July statement,
Blackbaud revealed personally identifiable information for a number of patients
was stolen but claimed it was destroyed shortly afterwards. Affected patients
have been contacted regarding the breach and stolen information.

Thousands of Customers Exposed in Town Sports Breach

A database containing highly sensitive information belonging
to over 600,000 customers and employees of Town
Sports International
was found publicly exposed on the internet. Town
Sports recently filed for bankruptcy and was notified of this breach roughly a
week later. While the company did not publically respond to the findings, the
information secured the following day included everything from physical
addresses to payment card info and other billing data. Past clients of the
fitness chain should be wary of any emails they receive regarding their Town
Sports memberships.

Global Operation Takes Down Major Dark Web Drug Network

In a major collaboration between Europol and other global
intelligence organizations, 179 individuals across six countries have been
arrested in relation to drug
through Dark Web markets. Officials also revealed that this
bust allowed them to seize $6.5 million in cash and hundreds of kilograms of
illicit drugs. The operation is another setback for anonymous marketplaces allowing
for the buying and selling of illegal goods and services as law enforcement continues
to target rogue online bazaars.

Data from Over 200 Merchants Leaked in Shopify Breach

Data from at least 200 merchants was compromised after an
internal support employee for Shopify
was found to be stealing data. While the data included only basic contact
information on customers and no payment card or social security info was taken,
officials for Shopify are still working to determine the extent of the theft
and if it has further changed hands. The employees involved with this breach
have since been fired and all access to Shopify systems has been revoked to prevent
further incident.

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