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Georgia County Pays Six Figure Ransom to Restore IT Systems

Following a ransomware attack earlier this month, officials
in Jackson
County, Georgia
decided to pay a $400,000 ransom in order to obtain a
decryption key and return their systems to normal operations. While it’s not
normally recommended to pay ransoms, but instead to keep proper backups of
critical files, the county decided that it would cost significantly more to
restore the systems on their own. It is still unclear how the breach unfolded
or how long the hackers had access to the network.

Michigan Healthcare Group Compromised

Sensitive information on over 600,000
was recently exposed after the Wolverine Solutions Group
(WSG) suffered a data breach. The WSG initially suffered a ransomware attack in
September of last year, and has been working to decrypt many of their systems
since then. Due to Michigan’s lax laws regarding the announcement of a data
breach, customers who may have been affected were contacted only within the
last month.

Redirect Tags Found on Fortune 100 Sites

Hundreds of third-party
redirect tags
have been found hidden on the websites of Fortune 100
companies. These tags could allow attackers to access user data from any of the
compromised sites and also degrade the performance of sites with multiple hidden
tags. Many site owners even expressed concern over possible customer data loss,
but did little to clear the tags from  their

Asian Gaming Companies Infiltrated by Backdoors

Several Asia-based gaming companies have discovered hidden
within main executables of some games attracting tens of
thousands of players. Fortunately, after identifying the malicious code two of
the three companies immediately pushed updates to their software, and the command
& control servers for the backdoors were taken offline soon after. The
backdoors appear to have originated from a malicious Chinese hacker group that
has committed these types of attacks multiple times in recent years.

Info on 1.8 Million Women Found on Unprotected Chinese Database

An unprotected database was recently found which contains
extremely sensitive data for nearly 1.8
million women in China
. Amongst the personally identifying
information was GPS coordinates, political affiliations, and even available
video of specific individuals. Unfortunately, while the owners of this one
database were successfully contacted, there are still thousands of similarly
unprotected databases on Chinese networks.

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