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Phony IRS Emails Flooding Inboxes

Upwards of 70,000 inboxes have been receiving spam claiming
to be from the IRS
threatening legal action for late or missing payments. Most recipients are
Microsoft Office 365 users and have been receiving threats of lawsuits to, wage
garnishment and even arrest. These spoofing scams have risen in popularity in
recent years, but have mixed results since many users are familiar with the

Pakistani Airlines Network Access for Sale

Researchers found a listing for full admin access to the Pakistan
International Airlines
network on multiple dark web forums earlier this
week. The current asking price is an incredibly low $4,000, considering the
amount of information that could be used for malicious activities. The hackers
claim to have 15 databases, each with many thousands of records, including
passport data and other highly sensitive personal information on passengers and
employees alike. It is believed that this group has been responsible for at
least 38 other sales of network access in the past five months.

Zoom Enhances Security at Heed of FTC

Following a settlement with the FTC, the video communication
service Zoom
is being forced to upgrade its overall security after it was found that they
weren’t implementing the end-to-end encryption the business touted. It was also
discovered that encryption of recorded video calls often did not take place and
regular security testing of security measures did not occur, endangering user
privacy for personal video calls and chats.

Mashable Database Compromised

The online media outlet Mashable
confirmed it had suffered a cyberattack on its systems, and that the attacker
had already published some of the stolen data, this weekend. Fortunately,
Mashable also confirmed the stolen data was from a system that was no longer in
use. The company has also begun contacted affected customers and informing them
to be wary of suspicious emails and to forward them to Mashable for further

Millions of RedDoorz Records for Sale

Roughly 5.8 million user records belonging to the hotel
booking platform RedDoorz
were found for sale on a hacker forum. These records were likely the the result
of a cyberattack targeting RedDoorz in September, though the company firmly
stated no financial information was compromised. After viewing a sample of the
stolen data, however, it was discovered that a significant amount of extremely
sensitive information belonging to customers who may have stayed at any of
their 1,000 properties across Southeast Asia had been published.

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