Showtime Site Found Using Cryptocurrency Miner

Following the discovery last week that ThePirateBay has been using a Monero miner to experiment with revenue alternatives for the site, researchers have found that both and have embedded code for similar cryptocurrency mining. The code itself runs only while the user is on the site, and ceases once they navigate away. The main concern, however, was the high CPU usage users experienced. The script in question was removed after several days of testing, but Showtime has yet to comment on their implementation of the crypto-miner or its intended outcome.

Massive Stash of Credit Card Info Linked to Sonic Breach

In the past few days, researchers have found a trove of credit card data that could be tied to a recent breach at Sonic, the popular drive-in restaurant. The data is organized by the location of each card, and currently contains nearly 5 million unique card numbers and related info. While Sonic has not yet determined the cause of the breach, they have been working with their credit processing company to identify the compromised store locations and implement credit monitoring for affected customers.

Big Four Accounting Firm Breached

Deloitte, one of the world’s largest accounting firms, suffered a cyberattack that exposed sensitive emails to criminals. Researchers believe hackers gained access to the email system via an administrative account without 2-factor authentication. The attack appears to have only affected a limited number of the firm’s clients, though actual figures are still unknown. Unfortunately, Deloitte’s security is severely lacking overall. With any luck, this breach will be the impetus they need to step up their protection practices.

Irish National Teachers’ Organisation Hacked

A recent Irish National Teachers’ Organisation breach may affect up to 30,000 current and retired teachers across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. While the breach doesn’t appear to have been data-oriented, the compromised systems contained massive quantities of teacher information. Fortunately, both payroll data and user passwords were not exposed, as they are stored in an alternate location. With enforcement of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the horizon, breaches like these will likely become very costly for victim companies.

Vehicle Tracking Data Available Online

In the last two weeks, researchers found an unsettling number of account records belonging vehicle tracking service SVR Tracking had been left completely unsecured online. The data includes account credentials and vehicle identification information for roughly 500,000 unique accounts. While it’s unclear how long the data was publicly available, SVR secured the server within several hours of being notified of the discovery.

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