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Ukraine Hit With Nationwide Cyberattack

In the past week, Ukrainian officials have been making announcements regarding a cyberattack that has affected nearly all of the nation’s industries and government sectors. Also affected is Ukraine’s main airport, creating significant delays. While it is still unclear who initiated the attack, officials are saying that the infection was targeted to cause destruction across a variety of the country’s essential systems.

Wind Farms Surprisingly Insecure

As we move get closer to mass-production of wind power, the security of the turbines themselves is coming under scrutiny. Over the past few years, researchers have been performing penetration tests on multiple wind farms across the US, and have discovered that most are only as secure as the tumbler lock on the turbine door. After accessing the interior of the rarely-manned turbine, researchers were able to gain full control of not only that individual turbine, but every other one connected to the network. In light of such tests, the industry will soon have to make significant improvements to the turbines’ physical security of the turbines, as well as the networks they use.

Petya Ransomware Destroys Data, Rather than Ransoming It Back

Following this week’s Petya cyberattacks, researchers have been working tirelessly to understand the exact circumstances involved. While some believed it to be a ransomware attack, it appears the malware author’s intent was purely destructive. Rather than the typical bitcoin ransom demand, the infection virtually destroys the hard drive in question by encrypting the Master File Table and removing any access to the remainder of the encrypted files.

8Tracks Music Social Network Hacked

Over the past few days, a hacker operating on the Dark Web has posted an offer for 18 million 8Tracks user accounts and passwords. A sample of the data was verified, and, although the usernames and passwords are all SHA-1 encrypted, several web tools are readily available to any buyers determined to crack it. 8Tracks has since confirmed the breach and recommended that all users change their login credentials, especially those that have been used for multiple sites.

South Korean Banks Face Large DDoS Ransom Demand

In the last few days, at least 5 major South Korean banks have been threatened with a large-scale DDoS attack unless they pay a ransom of $315,000 in bitcoins. It’s no coincidence that this attack comes just weeks after the successful ransom of a South Korean web hosting service, though it would appear that the attackers never followed through, as the banks’ sites have remained up and running past the Monday deadline.

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