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Neiman Marcus Breach Bigger than Initially Believed

Following the 2015 Neiman Marcus breach, the company only recently disclosed that the impact is far greater than originally believed. The latest findings come on the heels of a January attack that copied the original 2015 hack, during which the information for over 350,000 unique credit cards was compromised. The recent attack exposed an unknown quantity of user’s data, though it focused more on the company’s loyalty card program, InCircle.

Chinese Video Service Accounts for Sale on Dark Web

As the list of data breaches continues to grow, several prominent Chinese companies have seen massive breaches, reaching well into the hundreds of millions range as far as individual accounts affected. Recently, a database belonging to Chinese streaming service Youku was found for sale on the Dark Web for a paltry $300. The database contains the usernames and passwords for nearly 100 million users, most of which have already been decrypted or even found in multiple, previously leaked databases.

Ransomware-as-a-Service, Surprisingly Affordable

The newest trend taking the malware world by storm: cheap ransomware-as-a-service that comes with a user-friendly dashboard, so launching a ransomware campaign is now easier than ever. For the low, low price of $175, aspiring cybercriminals gain access to a fully customizable interface to monitor the infections from start to end. Fortunately for potential victims of this particular variant family, security researchers have been successful in creating decryption keys to remove the malware for free.

Indian Hackers Strike at Snapchat over CEO Comments

In another case of cybercriminals turned hacktivisits, attacks have been launched following a PR nightmare in which Snapchat’s CEO allegedly made comments that the Snapchat platform is meant for “rich people”, not for “poor countries” like India. The hackers claim to have stolen user data for over 1.7 million accounts, though Snapchat has yet to confirm that any leak actually occurred.

International Hotels Group Finds Malware in Payment Systems

Following an investigation that began in the second half of 2016, officials for the International Hotels Group have confirmed that multiple locations had suffered significant credit card breaches. Even more worrisome is that the latest breach was only discovered by the card providers monitoring suspicious activity on the accounts, which suggests that the IHG’s internal security measures aren’t up to snuff.

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