The Cyber News Rundown brings you the latest happenings in cyber news weekly. Who am I? I’m Connor Madsen, a Webroot Threat Research Analyst, and a guy with a passion for all things security. Any more questions? Just ask.

Boeing Informs Workers of Data Breach

Am I surprised there’s another data breach in the news this week? Not at all, and you won’t be either after reading on. However, I am surprised to hear it happened with Boeing. It reported that one of their employees sent sensitive data outside of the company’s network. I have so many questions. “Do they have security training program for employees?” “Was this an accident?” But before I offer up more of my thoughts, read DefenseNews’ account of the incident and let me know yours.

Russian Hacker Offers Access to University Databases

And the trends keep coming. Did you read the Daily Bruin’s article on a Russian-speaking hacker selling unauthorized access to databases for more than 60 universities and government agencies in the US and United Kingdom? I’m not pointing a finger at anyone, but I mean, another alleged Russian involved attack?! The takeaway for most is simple–SQLi attacks are definitely preventable. Organizations should take the extra effort and be more vigilant (read: do the research) when choosing pre-packaged software bundles.

Toy Maker Ignores Warning of Security Flaw

Instead of droning on about yet another data breach, I’m going to let you hear reactions from a few security experts on this one. But before taking you there, I’m have to ask, “Who hacks children toys?” (Rhetorical!) If you want to read more on the breach itself, feel free. Who am I to deprive you of the details?

Robots across Industries Share Vulnerabilities

I, for one, am glad the security of robotics is becoming more of a concern. We live in 2017 and should act accordingly when it comes to security in a connected world. Many devices lack user authorization, have default passwords that are unchangeable or left as the default, or are using insecure communication methods, all of which leave these machines vulnerable to an outside attack.

Amazon Web Services Go Offline

You all noticed the pretty big internet outage this week, right? If not, you’re either living under a rock or just arrived on planet earth. There’s no way you missed so many sites having issues. Not to mention, the social webs were buzzing. The outage was due to a problem that originated from an Amazon data center in Virginia. I think it’s safe to say interested parties were glad to hear Amazon officials state the issue has since been resolved. Amazon is likely to publish a full report on the cause and resolution to the issue in the coming days.

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