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Rigzone Founder Caught Stealing Data

Over the last few months, officials have been piecing together the case against Rigzone founder, David Kent. After selling the Rigzone domain several years ago, Kent used several backdoors he’d implemented to access account information for over 700,000 customers, which he then attempted to sell back to Rigzone. By setting up several dummy accounts, Rigzone staff determined the specific IP address Kent used and apprehend him.

Criminals Hack Eastern Europe Bank for Millions

In the last year, banks in several Eastern European countries have seen a drastic rise in fraudulent charges at ATMs that have allowed hackers to make off with nearly $40 million dollars. Attackers start by manipulating the banks overdraft protection and setting up proxies to allow accomplices in other countries withdraw massive quantities of money from separate accounts. In addition to spoofing the overdraft system, the attackers also installed remote access software on bank computers to enable further intrusion to the institution’s systems.

Multiple Accenture Servers Left Exposed Online

A security researcher recently discovered four servers belonging to Accenture that were left publicly accessible on the internet for an undisclosed length of time. These servers contained data on thousands of Accenture’s clients, though the company’s statement on the issue assured customers that all data was from a retired system that contained no current data. Fortunately, server logs show that the researcher was the only unauthorized user to access them, which should help Accenture’s IT staff sleep a little better.

Latest Apple OS Gives Actual Password instead of Password Hint

A bug within Apple’s latest macOS, High Sierra, could allow a local attacker to request a password hint but receive the actual password. This bug occurred due to an issue with Apple’s file management system, which would have asked users to input a password hint in case they forgot their credentials. Unfortunately, the bug caused the hint request to display the legitimate password instead. Luckily for High Sierra users, Apple was quick to release a patch that fixed the issue.

Healthcare Service Records Found Online

Kromtech researchers discovered an unsecured Amazon S3 bucket belonging to a US healthcare services company that contained information on at least 150,000 patients. Although the company secured the server as soon as they were notified of this security oversight, it’s unclear how long the bucket was freely accessible.

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