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DoorDash Data Breach

Nearly five months after a breach, DoorDash has just now discovered that unauthorized access to sensitive customer information has taken place. Among the stolen data were customer names, payment history, and contact info, as well as the last four digits of both customer payment cards and employee bank accounts. The compromised data spans nearly 5 million unique customers and employees of the delivery service. DoorDash has since recommended all users change their passwords immediately.

American Express Employee Fraud

At least one American
employee was fired after it was revealed they had illicitly gained
access to customer payment card data and may have been using it to commit fraud
at other financial institutions. Following this incident, American Express began
contacting affected customers offering credit monitoring services to prevent misuse
of their data.

Hackers Target Airbus Suppliers

Several suppliers for Airbus
have recently been under cyber-attack by state-sponsored hackers that seem to
have a focus on the company’s VPN connections to Airbus. Both Rolls-Royce and
Expleo, European manufacturers of engines and technology respectively, have
been targeted for their technical documentation by Chinese aircraft
competitors. This type of attack has pushed many officials to urge for higher
security standards across all supply chains, as both large and small companies
are now being attacked.

Ransomware Law Passes Senate

A recently passed law mandates the Department of Homeland
Security support organizations affected by ransomware.
While focused on protecting students in New York state, the legislation follows
50 school districts across the U.S. falling victim to ransomware attacks in
2019 alone, compromising up to 500 schools overall. A similar bill recently
passed in the House of Representatives, which is expected to be combined with
this legislation.

Ransomware Targets Hospitals Around the Globe

Multiple hospitals in the U.S.
and Australia
have fallen victim to ransomware attacks within the last
month. Some sites were so affected that they were forced to permanently close
their facilities after they weren’t able to rebuild patient records from encrypted
backups. Several offices in Australia have been unable to accept new patients
with only minimal systems for continuing operations.

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