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Bed, Bath, & Beyond Data Breach

An official announcement made earlier this week acknowledged
illicit access to customer data used in online accounts for Bed,
Bath, & Beyond
. While the breach didn’t affect payment card
information, the retailer quickly began contacting affected customers and took
steps to safeguard against future incidents.

Johannesburg Shutdown After Cyber Attack

Three months after a cyber attack hit Johannesburg,
South Africa, the city is once again dealing with network outages. After a
ransom note was posted to several social media outlets, city officials are
still attempting to downplay the attacks by claiming they purposefully took
down the sites rather than them being ransomed by hackers. In addition to the ransom
note, hackers also posted screenshots proving their control over the city’s
network systems and their expectation of payment.

UniCredit Financial Data Leak

Officials working for UniCredit,
an Italian banking firm, announced that unauthorized access to their systems
has left the sensitive information of nearly 3 million Italian exposed. Fortunately,
the stolen information did not include any financial data, but did contain personally
identifiable information such as names and contact details. It is unclear how hackers
gained access to the data, though it appears the data may have even been taken
years earlier in prior security breaches faced by the firm.

Ransomware Shuts Down New Mexico School District

Cruces Public Schools
, a New Mexico school district, was forced to take
their entire system offline following a ransomware attack. While email and
other important services are still offline, students have still been attending
classes as normal, though the process of fully remediating the incident has just
begun. It is still unclear how the attack was initiated, but it’s the latest in
a long line of educational institutions that have fallen victim to ransomware
this year.

Malware Attack on Indian Power Plant

It has been confirmed that both an Indian
nuclear power plant
and another piece of infrastructure have fallen victim
to a malware attack apparently tied to North Korean actors. Fortunately, the
attacks did not allow unauthorized control of the systems, though this attack
may have been only a test to determine security and response times in
preparation for a larger, future attack. 

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